The End of The Higher Cause Gaming

[THCT] JARMET LEADERBFRB6 posted Jun 8, 18

The Higher Cause Gaming

To The Members and Fans of The Higher Cause Gaming,

For the last few years, we took a small unknown battlefield platoon and turned it into a great gaming community with gamers from all over the world that believed in teamwork, communication, and tactics to achieve victory in many different games. Today, June 8th, 2018, we are announcing the end of [THC/T] The Higher Cause Gaming. 

During our journey, we had many ups and downs growing as a community. We had people come and go and people that been here since the very beginning. As some of you guys might know, I did not create The Higher Cause. When I was given command of the head leader of THC/T, I did not think we would have lasted this long. I couldn't do it without our leaders and our dedicated members. I personally want to thank everyone that was a part of The Higher Cause Gaming! Very special thanks to the following gamers that played a vital role in our growth over the years: Proffit, RM3, wtfissunlight, ksk_sniper, Dark, Badbart, Mr_Caulton, Marked_4_Death, Gunnerbeast, Experimental_Bot, About2bdead, CitizenX, Wongy, Tannery, TOS, Ruinz, Survivor1113, Nappyboy80, White_T95 and every member that ever joined! 

Even though we closed down The Higher Cause Gaming, our gaming journey will not end here. After long deliberations and planning, we are proud to announce a brand new gaming community "Black Plague Gaming"! Pretty much we are rebranding THC/T into BPG. We decided it was the right time to move into Black Plague Gaming. 

With our new community, we will be keeping the same "teamwork and communication to victory" mentality. But with more and different changes than The Higher Cause. We want to extend a formal invitation to you to join "Black Plague Gaming" before we start our official recruiting. We understand some of you guys may not want to join us in BPG but we would love to have all of you there. Join the "Black Plague Gaming" Official Discord Server here: or our website

Again, I want to thank you all for making The Higher Cause Gaming wonderful the past few years! Its hard to see it closing but we are excited about what the future will bring with Black Plague Gaming! The Higher Cause will always have a special place in my heart and I will never forget about you all. See you guys on the battlefield!


[RET] Tos Woot Woot c: