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[THCT] The Higher Cause Tactical Regiment 

Est. June 6th, 2014

The Higher Cause Tactics Regiment [THCT] is the special operations force of The Higher Cause Platoon. Each member that has earned their THCT tag are very proficient and well trained in teamwork, communication, and tactics. They attend every "squad-up" to work on Infantry, Vehicle and Air tactics. Our Tactical Regiment is always ready to fight any platoon that tries to disgrace The Higher Cause name. They have successfully defeated many platoons in matches without boasting about any win. We do not allow just anyone into THCT. Each tactical member has to prove they have what it takes to earn their "T" during a 3-week long tryout process. Each week they train together to work on communication, small-unit tactics and domination the battlefield. Do you have what it takes to become THCT? Register for a tryout today! 


  • 18+ Years Old 
  • Must be a member for 3 months** before Tryouts. 
  • Successfully completed THCT Tryout and earned their "T"
  • Working/Uses Microphone
  • Fights for Every Win

**Waivers may be given by leader

Why become a Tactical Member?

THCT members receive many cool incentives that our THC members do not get. 

  • "Earn your T, always THCT" your tactical status transfers over to any division withing The Higher Cause Platoon
  • Server Admin Rights
  • Access to post on our Youtube Channel and stream on our Twitch Channel 
  • Platoon Matches
  • Able to create events for The Higher Cause Platoon
  • Able to apply for a leader position


Tryouts are hosted every 2 months during the last 3 weeks. You must meet all the requirements before trying out. To register for a tryout check our event page and register under "THCT TRYOUT" event. If you are selected for the tryout, you will get the "THCT-R" tag on the website. TAG WILL ONLY LAST DURING TRYOUT AND DOESN'T MEAN YOU ARE IN THCT. For more registration information please contact a leader. 

Breakdown of THCT Tryout

  • Week 1- Checking how active the THCT-R is: In-game, Squad-Ups and on the website. Looking for in-game skill: Communication, Squad-Support and how well they perform. Mentor Program.
  • Week 2 - Checking Activity. Looking how well they can lead a squad: Giving out good orders, understand the enemy movements, leading their squad toward victory. Mentor Program. 
  • Week 3- Leader Review and THCT ceremony 

Each THCT-R will be required to mentor a new recruit as part of the tryouts. They will be responsible for adding the new recruit (FNG) on PSN getting them in game/parties with other members, answering any questions they may have, etc. More information see the "Mentor Program" Forum post here: Coming Soon! 

How to prepare for THCT Tryouts

  • Be clear and precise with your communication when calling out the enemy. "Location. Type. Number of Enemies" Ex: "Bravo Bunker. Medic. I saw Two." "Garage, Ash, Alone"
  • Play your class and what it is designed for. If you are a medic, drop health. 
  • Stick with your squad and play the objectives. No lone wolf snipers camping on the hilltop. 
  • Know The Higher Cause Motto. "Teamwork. Honor. Commitment. The Higher Cause!"
  • Be and Stay Active with the platoon in-game and on the website. Attend our "Squad-Up" events.
  • Fight for every win. At the end of the day, stats don't matter, only the win.
  • Keep calm and don't rage. Raging jams up our comms and will distract you from completing our mission: "Winning each round we play"
  • Safety First, then Teamwork. Make sure you are safe before running out to help a teammate.